Guided Tours

These are some examples of our most popular tours to date. However, do feel free to pick and choose the places you’d actually like to visit and we’ll be happy to create a customised tour especially for you. Click on the links for a more detailed description of possible tours.

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The Sentiero degli Dei – footpath of the Gods!

The aptly-named “Footpath of the Gods” runs at 500 metres above sea level and offers incomparable views as far as Praiano, Positano, Capri and the Cilento coastline.
See for yourself how the landscape changes from craggy mountains, Mediterranean macchia vegetation to fertile lemon terraces overlooking the sea.

A picnic basket will be provided, or if you prefer, we can offer a local trattoria which is perched on the cliff-side overlooking the sea and offers a tempting selection of local dishes for the hungry hiker.

NB The walk is quite strenuous in places and not recommended for the inexperienced walker.

This is one of the most famous volcanoes in the world.
The eruption in 79 AD buried Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabiae, Oplontis and other nearby sites.
Vesuvius continued to erupt sporadically until its last eruption in 1944.
The volcano is now dormant and the area around it was declared a national park in 1995.

The driver – or the bus – will leave you at the car park.
From here, there is an approximately 30 minute walk up to the crater, which still gives off occasional fumes.
There is a winding footpath leading from the car park to the crater.
The footpath is a wide track made of volcanic dust and rocks.