Guided Tours

These are some examples of our most popular tours to date. However, do feel free to pick and choose the places you’d actually like to visit and we’ll be happy to create a customised tour especially for you. Click on the links for a more detailed description of possible tours.

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Pompeii and Archaeological Museum, Naples /Sorrento

Read here the letter from Pliny the younger to Tacitus describing the 79 AD eruption of Vesuvius


The most important open-air museum in the world, the wealthy commercial town of Pompeii was buried under a layer of volcanic ashes after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. 
Under the guidance of our expert, the town comes to life again with its ancient forum and its public buildings, thermal spas, the main roads, two theatres, the amphitheatre, the pistrina (the bakeries with their ovens) the fullonica (the laundry) as well as many private houses

Lunch in a restaurant near Villa dei Misteri showing an amazing series of Pompeian frescoes

Afternoon in Naples to visit the Archaeological Museum where frescoes, mosaics, statues, papyri and utensils discovered from around Vesuvius are on display or to Sorrento for a drive along the coast and an ice cream tasting session.