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These are some examples of our most popular tours to date. However, do feel free to pick and choose the places you’d actually like to visit and we’ll be happy to create a customised tour especially for you. Click on the links for a more detailed description of possible tours.

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Walk through Spaccanapoli and the historical centre of Naples: archaeology, history and culinary traditions

The historical centre of Naples was founded in the 5th century BC and is made up of stratifications belonging to different ages.
It is these layers, ranging from the Greek-Roman period to the modern age, that distinguish Naples from other Italian cities.


Piazza del Gesù Nuovo and the story behind its baroque column.
The Church of Gesù Nuovo was built in the 16th century on the site of a Renaissance Palazzo and shows polychrome marble decorations and richly-decorated chapels in its interior.
The Convent of Santa Chiara was built in the 14th century on the orders of King Robert of Anjou and his wife and has a wonderful majolica-tiled cloister.
The Excavations of San Lorenzo Maggiore are to be found beneath the Gothic church of San Lorenzo and show impressive remains from the Greek and Roman Age.
This area was originally the agora, the main square of the Greek city in the 5th century BC, then became the forum during Roman times.
Going underground, we can still see a Roman street from the 1st century BC with its shops and food market.
Via San Gregorio Armeno is a typical Neapolitan street where numerous craftsmen still sell their wares from tiny shops.
If you feel like doing some shopping, you can pick up original pastori (crib figures), presepi (nativity scenes), paper flowers and good luck charms.
The Chapel of San Gennaro is situated in the cathedral and hosts the blood of the patron Saint of the city.
It is here in this Baroque Chapel that the miracle of San Gennaro takes place twice a year.
If it is to be a good year, the blood liquefies.
If it is to be a bad year, the blood remains solid.
The blood didn’t liquefy in 1980, the year of the earthquake or in 1944 when Vesuvius erupted for the last time!
We will also see Caravaggio’s painting in the Pio Monte della Misericordia.
The Sansevero Chapel houses master-pieces of 18th century sculpture and two anatomical experiments by Raimondo di Sangro, the Prince of Sansevero.
He was the eclectic scientist, free-mason and alchemist who also commissioned the Chapel.

Lunch is in a typical pizzeria where, if you like, you can make and bake your own pizza.
The classic pizza Margherita was invented in Naples and dedicated to Queen Margherita.
If you’ve ever fancied spinning your own pizza dough (with the help of one of Naples’ top pizzaiolo), now is your chance!


A visit to a local limoncello factory located in the old town to see how our famous limoncello and crema di limoncello are made.
A tasting session will provide you with that perfect after lunch pick-me-up!
A private visit to the studio of two Neapolitan contemporary artists known for the production of terracotta good luck charms amongst other artefacts.
Workshop of traditional craftsmen to watch them at work making their terracotta pastori (crib figures).
If you are feeling creative, with their help, you could even try your hand at making your own masterpiece !