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These are some examples of our most popular tours to date. However, do feel free to pick and choose the places you’d actually like to visit and we’ll be happy to create a customised tour especially for you. Click on the links for a more detailed description of possible tours.

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Naples street art and street food

3 – 3.5 hour walking tour

A fascinating walk right through the centre of the city but at a discreet distance from the usual tourist tracks.
Learn from a local, who is also a qualified guide, about this densely populated city, its inhabitants, its food and its street art and you’ll come to understand why this incredible city never ceases to amaze.
One of our clients once said, “Naples is like a princess with occasionally dirty feet” and this description fits.
Having once been the capital of a Kingdom, Naples has not only marvellous antiquities and museums but also a vivid contemporary art scene and institutional or street art scene.
Artists from all over have been inspired by the crumbling city walls and have expressed this inspiration on the Napoletane ancient facades.
The architecture, street art and street food in Naples are unique!
This itinerary focuses on daily life, traditions, food and street art in this intriguing city.
Our guides are from Naples and are all qualified art historians, archaeologists or historians, in love with the food and art here!
They know every secret spot in their city and during the walk, you’ll be able to taste several local specialties, either traditional snacks or recently-invented recipes