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Gluten-free food tour

Gluten-free food tour – ideal for celiacs!

Naples is deservedly famous for her awe-inspiring bay, Mount Vesuvius, the crazy traffic and thousands of years of history but for many people, the city is synonymous with excellent food.
Naples is, after all, the grand capital of the pizza Margherita and is equally celebrated for her rich array of mouth-watering sweet treats.

We were among the first in Naples to propose tours based around delicious food or creating authentic dishes during our cooking classes and pizza-making afternoons.
On the success of these events, we’ve decided to branch out and do our utmost to include everybody on our gourmet treks that already cover our passion for art, Neapolitan traditions, food and wine.
We’re delighted to introduce our food tour for celiacs and gluten-intolerant visitors in a city that is generally considered to be stuffed full of gluten-rich delicacies!

The theory that “we are what we eat” is applicable to Neapolitans and goes part way towards explaining why Naples and her inhabitants are so generous, theatrical, colourful, abundant and unique.
During our three hour tour, we’ll visit a vibrant market where the sounds and fragrances will envelop your senses as our expert on the culinary aspects of Neapolitan life explains our cooking traditions, the high-quality local wines, the different types of local food and best of all, some of the more closely-guarded family secrets behind rustling up a hearty Neapolitan meal.
Our tasting sessions of the sweet cakes and pastries such as the sfogliata, rum babà, zeppole and croissants will be accompanied by either a classic, short, sharp, shot of Neapolitan expresso coffee or a longer-lasting, creamy cappuccino.
For lovers of more savoury flavours, we’ll take you to try out some taralli or a superb, fried calzone!
The gluten-free tour will conclude with every celiac’s dream – to try the delicious pizza Margherita without having to worry about possible gluten contamination.