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These are some examples of our most popular tours to date. However, do feel free to pick and choose the places you’d actually like to visit and we’ll be happy to create a customised tour especially for you. Click on the links for a more detailed description of possible tours.

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Caserta Royal Palace and gardens


The Royal Palace of Caserta is today, a UNESCO world heritage site.
It was built on the orders of the Bourbon King, Charles III, who wanted a royal palace suitable for his vast kingdom and one to rival that of Versailles.
The first stone was laid in a solemn ceremony in 1752 and the stunning building was finished less than 30 years later.
The palace itself contains 1200 rooms, many of which are open to the public, and the surrounding grounds cover 120 hectares.
The park is divided by two long, parallel avenues flanked by rows of fountains and statues leading us to the Italian and English Gardens.

Lunch is in a characteristic restaurant in the old part of Caserta, famous for its cathedral and medieval architecture.


Fascinating visit to see the whole process of production of arguably the best mozzarella in Italy, obviously followed by the chance to taste the cheeses prepared on site and judge for yourself if you’ve ever tasted better mozzarella cheese.